Your New Year Style resolutions

New year’s resolutions are always started with the best intentions and they usually are given up on about February.  My Style resolutions are great for you to carry on throughout 2013.

These are my Top 10 resolutions to yourself, I’d love to know which one you think you will try.

  1. Stop buying clothing because you like the colour. Lots of ladies are drawn to the colour of an item rather than the cut and the style
  2. I promise not to wear oversized clothes to cover up my body. No matter what size label you wear,  your body loves structure. The perfect fitting clothes will make your body appear slimmer.
  3. I promise to get myself measured and treat myself to the ‘right fitting bra’. The bra is such an important garment, when we wear the right size and more importantly style our boobs will sit where there are suppose to which in turns gives our upper body great shape under our clothes.
  4. I promise to check my wardrobe before I go shopping. In doing this you will only buy what you need and you will know what you have in your wardrobe to ensure any item you buy goes with something.
  5. Wake up the wardrobe at the start of a new year. Your wardrobe needs to work for you, your personality and lifestyle. Only have in your wardrobe items that fit so do remove anything that doesn’t fit whether it be too small or too large. Be realistic!
  6. Stop impulse-buying shoes and accessories. Before you part with your hard earned cash ask yourself ‘do I need it’ and more importantly what will it or they go with that I already have at home.
  7. This year, I promise myself to find the ‘perfect fitting pair of jeans’. How many of you wear jeans but they don’t fit as you would like them to ie; the waist is too big so when you sit down they dip or your belt digs in your lower back or they fit you well around the tummy but back just below your bottom.
  8. For 2013 I will ignore the size labels and only buy items that fit. Every store will carry size ranges from 6-24 but as you well know the sizes are not standard throughout. My recommendation is please don’t worry about the sizes, having an item that fits well will make you feel more confident and smile.
  9. Clear out the make up bag…when was the last time you did this? Most make up brands have a shelf life of a year but the beginning of a new year is a fantastic opportunity to clear out unfavoured colours and treat yourself to a make under to make sure you really are wearing the best colour foundation for you.
  10. Trust your gut instinct……when you feel good in an item/outfit it means that the style and colour is perfect for you. Trust yourself to make good decisions.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year

lots of love