#WOW Winner

I got the shock of my life today when I won a #WOW , this is an award to women in business by the chief executive of Ann Summers, Jacqueline Gold.

‘Women on Wednesday,’ or #WOW, is a campaign that happens on Twitter every Wednesday. All you have to do is send Jacqueline a short description of your business tagged with the hashtag #WOW. Jacqueline then retweets her Top 3.

My short description simply said ‘Stylist showing real everyday ladies how looking good can be easy & fun’ and this is what I do, believe in and my passion, we all deserve to look great and feel fab.
Jacqueline said ‘listalbot is a fashion stylist and editorial style expert-great website!’

I was taught at a very young age that you ‘get out what you put in’ and you make your own luck.You have to grab every opportunity and chase your dreams and reach for the stars. Don’t ever be afraid to ask, you really just don’t know unless you ask, don’t feel mortified it you get a ‘sorry not at this time’, just move on to the next opportunity. Knock on lots of doors, I guarantee they will open for you.

Please don’t get me wrong I do sometimes wonder what I’m doing when I’m working in the day, juggling the school runs, play dates, washing & ironing at 11pm, watching the school performances, walking my gorgeous Rottweiler and being the mum taxi at the weekend but I have the most amazing job I love and it’s so exciting watching your business grow and hey hard work never killed anyone!

Thank you to Jacqueling for the #WOW, she made my day and I’m still smiling from ear to ear, god it makes it all worthwhile.

Lots of love