Wow, look what I’ve found!

Whilst I am randomly looking for inspiration for clients I come across beautiful items that really do made me say ‘wow’ out loud…yes really I do!!

I really like the brand Yumi and their Meadow print dress just caught my eye as the print is great for the summer months, for work, play and holiday it is the perfect dress. This is a great shape for all body shapes, just beware the Top Heavy as the neckline is quite high, my recommendation for you would be to add a short necklace to break up the upper body.

Lots of clients always ask me for alternatives to jeans in the summer months, arn’t these Compact Cotton trousers from Oasis lovely? Available in pink, blue, beige, navy blue these will be a great base for you to build super looks with print and other block coloured tops.

lots of love