Which is YOUR Body Shape

Being a Fashion Stylist I know just how many of you struggle to find clothes that suit and fit your body shape.

When I talk to my clients I tell them to imagine their body is a parcel, dressing your body is no different to wrapping a parcel.

For  a curved figure imagine a ball, you would wrap a ball in soft, floaty fabrics such as chiffon, cotton, jersey etc,this is because a ball is curved and we want to accentuate the curves.

For an angular body imagine a shoe box which has more angles. It can be easily wrapped in strong fabrics such as cotton with lycra, linen, corduroy, strong denim etc, this is because we want to accentuate the angles.

Also once your body scale is determined ie; Long legs, short body, small bust you can dress accordingly to balance the body.

I would recommend the start of determining your body shape is to have a properly fitted bra, this will give you accurate measurements. Once my clients have a properly fitted bra they cannot believe the shape it gives their body, some even find a cleavage they never knew they had!!

There are 4 common body shapes;


The Apple shaped body tends to be broader on the top and has a narrower bottom half. The weight of this body shape is generally carried around the tummy, therefore, the waist is undefined. This body shape usually has a wonderful cleavage with slim hips and legs.

Trousers always cause a problem for this body shape as they bag just under the bottom.


The pear shaped body usually has a flat tummy, is long in the waist and has a smaller bust

This body shape is a mixture of curves and angles

The pear’s hips are wider than their shoulders and they usually find trousers or skirts harder to buy as they can be loose at the waist, this is because they have to buy a size to fit the hips……..elastane in lower body garments works wonders for this body shape.

Hour Glass

The hour glass shaped body is the perfect body shape.

The waist is small and short, the bust is larger and the hips and thighs are slightly larger

The shoulders and the hips of the hour glass are in line.

This body shape just loves to show off its curves.


The rectangle body shape or ‘boy’ shape is like alot of the catwalk models. This is a very athletic figure shape which is able to wear most of the trends on the high street and look fabulous in it.

The shoulder, waist  and hips are equal in width, therefore, the waist is not easily visible. With this body shape the the aim is to create curves.

Top Heavy

The Top heavy is literally that, the ladies bust is large and can over power the body shape. The key to this body shape is to create space between the bust and waist and also to draw the eye upwards and away from the bust.

Low necklines are a must for this body shape.

So…..which body shape are you?

lots of love