Which coat will you be wearing this season?

With so many different styles this seaon you may be wondering which coat will really suit you best for the up and coming season. I, for one, have a rather large selexction of coats in 2 wardrobes and can honestly say I wear all of them at least 5 times throughout their seasons. But, I am sure it wont hurt to add another one in this season!!!!!

I have chosen a selection of styles so you can see a few options, I hope you like them.

I am a great fab of the shearling as it adds in an additional texture, this lovely knee length Shealring belted coat is available in Warehouse, a wonderful coat to add definition to the waist.



I think the Long padded parka from Top Shop caught my eye as it is such a great versatile coat, perfect for both casual and a slightly smarter look. What I really love about this coat is the natural feature to the waist which will work for so many different body shapes.

A great price of £98.00



This Military coat from River Island at £95.00 is beautiful with a belt to help draw the eye to the waist and the great additional detailing down the sides of leather like. For all of these coats with a belt you can ring the changes by adding in a different colour or print belt.


The Coatigan from Oasis is a wonderful option for any lady, I just love the relaxed look of this style. An ideal price of £50.00


And finally the bomber jacket, another firm favourite in my wardrobe, this time I have added in the khaki colour.

This bomber is available for £30.00 at www.boohoo.com .



I hope this has helped you with the styles that are available to you. I would love to know which style you choose.


lots of love