Wardrobe Personality

When you open your wardrobe does it fill you with excitement or dread?

Does your wardrobe reflect who you are and what you do?

I can hear many of you reading this feature answering ‘dread’ to the first question and ‘no’ to the second question. Well, don’t panic..you are not alone!

Did you know our clothes represent who we are in the form of our style personality……do you recognise yourself in the style personalities below? You may be a mixture of a couple of you may sit in one predominately.

The Natural

Your Look – casual, sporty, informal, friendly, comfort over fashion

Design line – comfortable, t.shirts, long cardigans, jeans, jersey

Fabrics – natural woven, soft knits, linen, suede, leather, denim, corduroy


Your Look – traditional, conservative, tailored, timeless

Design line – softly tailored, same-y

Fabrics – high quality, cashmere, tweeds, herringbone

Dramatic ( Quirky )

Your Look – elegant, assertive, confident, unruffled, stunning

Design line – stark, sculptured, asymmetrical, bold colours

Fabrics – silk, satin, velvet, metallic thread


Your Look – fashion is an art, need to make a statement, adventurous, creative

Design line – dramatic, often a fashion setter/designer

Fabrics – novelty tweeds, natural, tapestry


Your Look – pretty, ladylike, romantic, demure, graceful

Design line – sweetheart necklines, soft bows, defined waistlines, gathers

Fabrics – knits, wools, lace, silk, jersey, chiffon

So, who are you?

Your style personality will help you understand why you buy the style and colour of clothes you do. But, to really make sure your wardrobe works for you it also needs to tell the story of what you do ie; single working lady, working mum, full time mum, part time mum or full time working woman. Depending on what you do, work out what clothes you need, for example if you are a part time working mum who works 3 days a week your wardrobe needs to have work wear for 3 days and more casual items for the other 4 days.

Trust me but when your wardrobe works for you it really will make you smile when you open that door each day.

Lots of love