Wake up your Wardrobe

There is nothing like starting a new year with a good clear out. Your wardrobe is a great starting point as it really does help you identify what you do wear, what you don’t and I know you will find items that you even forgot you had and probably some with the labels still on them!!!

As a firm believer that having a capsule wardrobe makes our life easy and helps us look stunning all the time here are my top tips for building your own capsule wardrobe;

Do you have a wardrobe, or two full of clothes but feel you’ve got nothing to wear? It’s time for a detox!

The secret of having a capsule wardrobe is that all your items can be worn as a standalone or with each other, trust me it makes life less stressful .

Make 3 piles;

  1. Keep
  2. Charity / Swishing / Resell
  3. Say bye bye
  • If you have not worn something for a year and it is not seasonal then it needs to be lovingly placed in one of the above piles. There are some fab places who sell your clothes for you or you can advertise them yourself if good quality. You may get paid for clearing out your wardrobe…how cool is that?
  • Keep items that look great and that you can build on, these will be your base items ie; jeans, black trousers, jacket, skirt, dress etc
  • When shopping think of what you have in your new cleansed wardrobe and how any new items will go with that you have, think of colours, styles etc.
  • Accessories such as jewellery, belts and scarves are amazing and are wonderful to jazz up any outfit. I recommend to hang your accessories on your hangers in your wardrobe, that way they become another piece of clothing you see when you open the door. It saves you time!
  • Keep best neutral shoes/boots to go with everything but shoes with colour look amazing especially in the Spring/Summer months

Here’s my really cool tip to help you de-clutter your wardrobe.

Start by placing the hanger of all the garments you have not worn for a period of 3 months in one direction ( wrong way )

For all the garments you wear, wash and iron place them on the hanger around the other way( right way ), each time you wear a garment place the hanger back in your wardrobe the right way.

After a period of say 3 months check to see how many hangers are facing the wrong way, these will be the garments that you don’t wear for whatever reason and these are the items that can potentially be removed from your wardrobe.

Obviously you have to take into account special occasion items ie; party dresses, seasonal garments etc

This is a great easy exercise to truly identify what you don’t wear in your wardrobe.

You now have no excuses and I promise you it is very therapeutic!


Lots of love