Top Tips to look after your clothes

Top Tips to look after your clothes.

I always remember one of the lessons my dad taught me was if you look after things they will look better and last longer.

I do believe this to be true no more so than with our clothes. Your clothes will continue to look fab and feel great if you follow my few quick tips;


  • Use wooden hangers for shirts, jackets,jumpers and coats. Wire hangers mark the shoulders
  • Use wooden hangers for trousers. Wire hangers mark the thigh where you fold them over
  • Only hang up 1 garment on each hanger, this will allow the lines of the garment to flow
  • Hang skirts on extendable hangers, these keep the shape of the waist
  • Follow the washing instructions, if it say ‘Dry clean only’ then please do, if the garment says 30 degrees then wash in this temperature as this is what the fabric requires
  • To stop your colours fading wash in a specialised colour detergent for example Persil’s Small and Mighty. This specialised detergents protect the colours in the fabrics
  • Please don’t tumble dry all garments, instead pop them on an airer or in the airing cupboard to dry naturally in the Autumn/Winter months.  You will stop any shrinkage and it keeps the shape of the garment which therefore makes your garments last longer.
  • Fold garments when popping them back in the drawer, this will help them keep their shape and makes your draws neat and tidy


lots of love