Top 10 Summer style tips

The sun is shining and it is set to be a beautiful weekend with temperatures rising to 24 degrees in some areas. With the sun coming out we are all starting to look to our summer wardrobe from last year and shop for new items. So, I thought I would share my Top 10 Summer style tips.

Top 10 Summer style tips

1. If you like a cropped trousers don’t let them stop in the middle of your calf as it will make them appear wider

2. If your not so keen on showing your upper arms then opt for an angel sleeve as they cover the upper arm whilst creating a feminine look

3. This season great cover ups for the arms are ‘lace’ cardigans, perfect for ladies who want to wear a sleeveless top or dress

4. For the Apple body shape, a flat front skirt or a pair of trousers is perfect. This will also allow a top to sit well

5. Sandals with a strap on the ankle are not the most flattering for ladies with a wider ankle, instead try an open toed thong sandal

6. If you carry any weight on your tummy look for a top or t.shirt with movement on the tummy….any items which are flat will cling and are not at all forgiving

7. If you like a wide legged pair of linens/chambray denim/palazzo trousers please remember to balance the upper body with a great neckline, cut out shoudlers or detail or different fabric on the sleeves. Or else you may look botton heavy and none of us want that do we?

8. Dress up any block coloured t.shirt with a great necklace, you can always introduce another colour

9. Try something new….when you go to the changing room take an item that catches your eye that in your mind you say ‘I like it but it won’t suit me’, you may be pleasantly surprised

10. Wear colour…we do not seem to be so afraid of colour in the summer months so inject it in the form of shoes, tops, trousers, accessories

Have a wonderful sunny weekend


lots of love