Theme park dressing

I decided to take the twins to Chessington World of Adventures today and we really did have a great day even though the queues were massive, 1 hour 40 for the Vampire, 70 mins for Dragon Falls, 70 mins Zufari and even the Flying Elephants were an hour, but we had a great day ( we could have fun in an open field! ). But what disturbed me most is how ladies in particular decide what to wear for a day out at a theme park.

Now, although I am a stylist and beyond popular belief I do not actually go around looking at what others are wearing, I was horrified to see a real lack of effort made by some. Even though you are going out for the day with the kids a simple, stunning look can be created at very little cost, rather than the sea of jeans, t.shirts that have seen better days and trainers I saw today.

Here is my simple outfit for a warm sunny day out with the kids, this outfit can be changed to suit your personality ie; swap the shorts for jeans, swap the jacket for a kimono, cut out cardi, ballerinas for embellised flip flops etc

Denim turn up shorts from Warehouse which are now in the sale at £17.00

Yellow cami from River Island, £12.00

Khaki bomber jacket from H & M, £24.99


Canvas baseball ballerinas from Next, £16.00

This whole outfit costs £69.99 together and can also be broken out into individual pieces to be worn in different looks which takes the cost per wear down.

lots of love