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My expert tips on Style Personality, this is such an exciting topic which really helps ladies understand why they not only dress like they do but why they like the styles, fabrics, prints etc that they do……it really helps them when shopping for themselves and allowing them to break outside a comfort zone.
Understanding your Style personalities has huge benefits for many ladies who find shopping a little like ‘rabbit in the head lights’, it really is an understanding to an individual of why they like the things they do and it really does give them more freedom to try new styles, colours, fabrics, prints & accessories if they feel it is not too far out of their comfort zone. There is no ridigity to this but far more flexibility.
In some occasions knowing a style personality unearths a hidden personality that may have been slightly lost due to lifestyle changes e.g.;marriage, children, separation, new job etc so you can really ignite the excitement for clothes back into a ladies life with these.
Style personalities are really just a great guide to assist an individual when hitting the shops, it really helps hone in on fabrics, colours, prints, styles of garments and accessories and it really works to tease a lady out of her comfort zone. High street stores are fabulous for working the trends to suit their client bases so knowing your style personality will allow a woman to take the plunge and pop into different stores to view their collections.
I would always recommend prior to any visit to the shops a quick review of an existing wardrobe works wonders to focus the mind on what is needed rather than buying unnecessarily which is not cost effective.
I find ladies absolutely love the style personality element of all of my consultations and it is paramount to working with an individual to ensure the perfect selections are made for them
1.Style Personalities are all about recognising who we are as people, these brief identifiers are great;

Natural  ( Jennifer Aniston )

This personality prefers comfort over fashion, loves the feel of natural fabric and loves the simple, stunning and chic look. This look hates looking unkempt.

Dramatic ( Rita Ora )

This personality is a little it quirky, you will love to stand out in a crowd, it may be the print you wear, the statement coat or necklace that  draws the eye to you.

Artistic ( Lady Gaga, Vivienne Westwood )

This personality is our fashion trend setter, they love to throw all fabrics, colours etc together to make a massive statement

Feminine ( Marilyn Monroe )

This personality is our pretty lady who loves the polka dots, frills, bows and dresses with the floral perfume. They tend to prefer dresses and skirts over trousers

Classic ( Audrey Hepburn )

This personality loves the classic look, structured, conservative and traditional. They love the tweeds the block colours. A classic very rarely wears a print. This can sometime be mistaken for a natural

Who are you?

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