The Perfect poise bra

I was really excited last week to be contacted by M & S to review their new Perfect poise bra. As you can imagine I jumped at the chance as this bra claims that it may increase awarenesss of correct posture and body alignment.

As a stylist I firmly believe that to enable your clothes to hang beautifully you need a really good bra, having your boobs positioned in the right place will make all the difference. I have a feeling the majority of you reading this will wearing the wrong size bra! When did you last get measured?

When my lovely postman delivered the Perfect poise bra last Friday I couldn’t wait to see both what it felt like and how it looked. Initially I was disappointed as it looked quite boring and not very feminine, I love how underwear has a very easy way of making us look and feel sexy.

The bra has an almost sports bra look to it, the bra has been designed to support shoulders and back and I have to say the fabric used is so soft, I knew I was going to love the feel of the fabric on my skin.

I have now worn the bra for a week ( whilst rinsing it out over night of course! ) and can honestly say I am pleasantly surprised by the comfort of this bra. This bra didn’t create any lines under my clothes and it really does what it says on the tin,it felt incredibly comfortable to wear and yes this did surprise me and for someone who suffers with my back I really did feel the benefit.


So, my final thoughts are not the prettiest of bras but from the job it has been designed to do which is to increase awareness of correct posture then yes I would recommend you try one.

lots of love