The Hairdresser facts!

Your hair is the accessory you wear all the time!

With this statement in mind I have conducted a little survey today to see just how important our hair is to us. It proves how much we value our hairdresser, the results are quite fascinating;

On average we as women have our hair cut, blow dried or coloured every 6-8 weeks which is approx 6-9 times a year and we pay on average between £30 – £125.00 a visit which is a staggering approximate spend of £466.00 a year on our hair.

We all see the hairdresser as an expert in their field and quite rightly so!

Now, what i would like to ask is, shouldn’t you also have a Personal stylist/shopper in your life, an expert to give you advice on feeling & looking great in a selection of items to suit your personality, lifestyle & body shape?

Our consultations range from £105.00 to £495.00, your clothes are just as important as your hair!!!!

lots of love