The denim dress

I love denim and I think so do many other women, it can be dressed up or down and made to look so chic.

The denim dress is proving very popular this season, this Warehouse four pocket jacket dress is just £59.00 and I can see so many different ways you can wear this. As the denim is darker it automatically gives a smarter appearance. This dress is super for ladies with a smaller bust as the pockets on the bust will create an illusion of a larger bust as it bulks out the area.

Although this dress is straight cut I hope you can see the slight waist definition just under the pockets on the bust. So you can see this dress will work for the Pear and Hour glass body shape. The Apple body shape will also benefit from this dress as it wil flatter the tummy area.



I thought it might be quite nice to create a sporty look. The EBBY – BLUSH Brogue And Tassel Detail Leather Trainer from Dune are a super way to do this.  They are £100.00 but I can see these being used so manytimes throughout the season.



To complete the look I have added in a different colour and a different fabric. This is the Coral bead and Tassel rope necklace from Top Shop and it’s just £15.00.



lots of love