The Daily Mail photoshoot

I have had the most amazing Thursday, a photshoot at the Daily Mail.

My day started so well, kids off to school with no hiccups and as a meticulous planner I decided to drive up to Knightsbridge rather than risk being delayed on the trains due to the snow. When I got to Heston services only to hit a wall of solid traffic I started to doubt my decision and even Emily Sande blasting around the car could not quash my frustration!

What I really don’t understand is why when I got to the Chiswick crossroads  the traffic miraculously disappeared and I did get to the Daily Mail offices at the time agreed ( I hate being late! )

When I reached the offices I was met by the stylist Barbara who was just lovely, it is amazing how stylists all fall into their own preferred areas in our industry and I have to admit is was rather lovely being styled rather than being the one styling.

This is the make up room where you can see the rail of clothes beautifully prepared for the shoot. The shoot was all about skinny jeans and how the age groups choose to wear them. I was put in the over 40’s age group which I have to admit still sends a shiver down my spine as in my mind I’m still 21!!!

Although I went wearing a small amount of make up (I was not brave enough to do the school run without any on at all ) I had my make up done by Oonagh Connor (@themakeupdiary) who had only the night before been at the NTA’s making up one gorgeous actress.

Just look at the beautiful wallpaper.

I would really love mirrors like this and I really did have girl envy with the make up bags of these artists.

When it came to the shoot Chris, the photographer was great, very calming and made all of us ladies feel very at ease in front of the camera. He also had amazing hair!

For the first set of shots I was so lucky to wear a lovely pair of Warehouse blue ultra skinny jeans which I happen to own myself together with a coral shirt from Reiss, now I don’t normally wear coral so I can’t wait to see the images when they are published.

The second set of shots were wearing a truly stunning Marlene Birger cream shirt and if you read my blog post yesterday the look was very similar.

I have had a great day and would you believe even managed to get back for school pick up, by the skinof my teeth!

The feature is due out hopefully this Saturday both online and in print, I am sure my mum will be out buying up the copies to send to all her friends…bless her!

lots of love