Tasty Tweed


I’m going to have a real problem this Autumn/Winter season, I am known for not really having a specific style other than one where I am incredibly comfortable during the day. This season plays right inot my hands and I can honestly say I am so excited as I love nearly all the trends and am already wishing the summer away and the cold weather to come so I can get on wearing it!!!

Here is another sneak preview into another look you will see in our lovely high street stores. I have already seen the most beautiful wool tweed blazer in Primark.

Downtown Abbey

The dramas influences can be seen in the following catwalk references: country tweeds, lace, pearls, cloches, dainty tied shoes, mid-calf silk dresses, dropped waists, subtle velvets, three piece-suits for women and the return of hosiery.

lots of love