Sustainable Fashion event with Sainsbury’s

We had a great Bank holiday weekend working with Hubbub and Sainsbury’s in Derby at their amazing Sustainable fashion event in Derby.

In the U.K 30% of the clothes in our wardrobes go unworn, and 350,000 tonnes get binned every year. At the event there was an amazing opportunity to refresh your wardrobe and fight textile waste.

The event consisted of;

FREE WORKSHOPS:  free sewing skills workshop for kids and adults:

CLOTHES SWAP: People bought down their pre-loved items of clothing and swapped them for second hand and vintage clothes in the pop up shop!

FREE STYLING SESSIONS: Our award winning stylist ( Natalie Care ) who I am very lucky to be one of my amazing team helped craft looks to suit clients personality and style.

FREE CLOTHES ALTERATION: Favourite top have a hole? Best dress to big? people brought them down to the street store to be mended and altered.


It was a great event to educate everyone that there is so much more to clothes than meets the eye!
It was also thrilling for us to be involved in a great event showing so many people how to dress for the body shape, personality and lifestyle.
Lots of love