Super Sunglasses

On a recent shopping trip with a new client I was asked about Sunglasses so I thought I would pop this blog post back up as the sun is starting to shine on us all again now…and with warmth.

This is the time when we all start to think about our summer holidays and breaks from school, work and businesses but I find I use my sunglasses more in the car than on any holiday. I even keep a spare pair in my car, just in case!

But do you know which sunglasses shapes suit which face shape ? I thought I would post this little photo to help you in your search for the perfect sunglasses.

There are some super sunglasses in all the stores from high street to designer so just be brave and try on a few to see which ones you prefer ( use the below as a guide ).



In the high street this season there is a wonderful selection;

Top Shop Oversized sunglasses at £16.00

Gold half frame half pilot sunglasses from New Look at £5.99

Miss KG Retro sunglasses available in Boots and £35.00

And I have to say my all time favourites and the only pair I have and ever will keep in their original box!!

Prada at £190.00 and available in the Sunglasses hut



Lots of love