Summer dress

What I love about my job is finding the perfect items for your wardrobe and mine come to think of it!!!

When shopping with a client on Tuesday my eyes were drawn to this stunning Therapy dress in the House of Fraser, this is the Tropical floral dress and is £35.00, made of jersey with fabulous waist detailing and with 4% elastane which helps to create a slimming line.

This dress is perfect for the hour glass, slender athletic and apple body shape as it helps create shape and the waist detailing helps disguise the tummy.

Wear with wedges, thong flip flops , ballet pumps or a pair of heeled sandals, I would also add a piece of gold statement jewellery to complete the look.


The dress image doesn’t really show off the stunning colours and print so I thought I’d show you the image below to entice you.


lots of love