Styled by my lovely daughter

My beautiful ‘free spirited’ 11 year old daughter has her first senior school disco this week. I offered to buy her a few pieces she could wear when I was out working this week. Her response ‘ Mummy, your taste is awful, I would rather choose myself”! Charming, and this comes from a girl who spends her life in a pair of jodphurs!!

So, for my sins I ventured into Windsor this past Sunday and this is the outfit she put together, with help from her pocket money & the bank of mum & dad of course!!!

This gorgeous Blackbomber jacket from the petite section in Top Shop. This jacket was available in a size 4 so fits her like a dream.


The rest of the items came from New Look’s Teen section. Print T.shirt at £7.99



Now for many mums and I dont think I am alone but my daughter has always refused to wear jeans as they “never feel as comfortable as leggings”. These great blue ripped skinny jeans were apparently super comfy. £19.99



And to complete the outfit Maisie chose these Black fringed slip on plimsolls at £14.99


This whole outfit will be broken down to make other looks so  I think she did rather well, what do you think….she may be a stylist in the making?


Lots of love