Stunning scarves

Well, I’m not sure if it was just me today but I think it was a little on the chilly side!! Scarves are a fabulous accessory, not only do they keep you warm but they add colour, texture and print to your outfit.

I wanted to show you a few that are in our great high street and they are following the trends for this season too.

The Purple tartan check, reversible and oversized from New Look, it’s just £14.99

Still keeping the floral looks this super Shadow floral scarf from Oasis is so pretty. A great price of £15.00

I love the leopard print and really like this Brown Leopard and Baroque print from River Island, just look at all the fab colours.Againm this scarf is £15.00

Add sparkle into your wardrobe and into any outfit with this beautiful Silver & Charcoal Sequin scarf from Mint Velvet, it is so pretty and being silvr & grey will adapt to so many looks. Can even be worn for an evening look. A great price of £49.00

Lastly, I just had to add this super Grey Faux Fur Patch scarf from Next, just look at the texture and colour tones. Agood price of £25.00


In my opinion an item you just can’t have enough of!!

lots of love