SpringSummer Casual

There is something very relaxing about a soft jersey top, it works so well for a casual but chic look.

I just love this Luna Tie Dye sweat from Whistles. I so wish sometimes this blog could really show you just how some of the fabrics feel as for a touchy, feely person you will just want to wear this top all the time.

It is also just £65.00

This top can be worn casually in so many ways, my ideas are;

Denim jeans

Coloured and white jeans

Jersey skirt


Maxi skirt

Linen trousers

These washed skinny jeans in fluro green from Next are lovely to add colour for a fabulous looking outfit. They are also a great price £24-£26.00

There are so many tops these jeans can be worn with, my favourites would be;

White lace

Top trimmed with embroidery anglaise

Halter neck floral print

Black silk/chiffon shirt

Jersey blazer, maybe coral or orange


lots of love