What sort of person requires a ‘Personal Shopper’?


I was very lucky to be recommended in a post yesterday on Linked In for a Personal shopper for a male client.

Later on in the day as I was updated on the message thread I noticed a comment asking ‘ What sort of person requires a Personal shopper’ so it made me realise that not everyone understands why some would employ either a Personal stylist or Personal shopper.

In the 8 years of working as a Personal stylist & shopper I have been very lucky and very privileged to work with amazing clients from all walks of life and for many different reasons so I thought I would share a few of my experiences.

Firstly, I trained and qualified both as an Image Consultant with the Federation of Image consultants and also furthered my skill base with the London School of Style gaining the highest grades so I am an expert in my field just like a builder, plumber, dentist, mechanic, hairdresser and so on.

I have seen many ladies and gentleman in the 8 years since my business has been up and running ranging from;

  1. CEO’s of large corporations, both men & women
  2. Ladies returning to work after pregnancy
  3. Men & ladies after a seperation or divorce
  4. Ladies & Men after a serious illness
  5. Men & Ladies buying gift vouchers as presents for the loved ones
  6. Corporations using my service as an incentive for their employees and also for branding continuity of their business
  7. Men and Women with a life changing experience i.e.; death of a partner/husband/wife/child
  8. Men & Women attending a job interview
  9. Students heading off to University
  10. Clients with disabilities
  11. Clients with time constraints die to a busy work & personal life
  12. Clients who want to understand how to shop cost effectively

As a Personal shopper/stylist I work with all budgets from £50 to £10,000 and all of my clients are treated the same and I feel entitled to the same experience.

All the clients I have seen, some that laugh, some that cry, the most important element of my job is listening to ‘why’ & helping them regain their confidence & enthusiasm for clothes & fashion and inevitably feeling good about themselves.

So, in answer to the question there are many types of people who require and benefit from a Personal shopper.


Lisa x