Shirt Tastic!

Now, I am going to tell you a secret and it is that I have the biggest selection of shirts….probably more than my husband!

Shirts for me are great to add a little more of a ‘dressed up’ look to any outfit.

The Freda colour block crew blouse by the great designer Mary Katranztzou is £795 and is available on Matches Fashion.

This is crafted in the UK which certainly ticks all of my boxes.


How pretty is this Sequinned Gingham top, so gorgeous, you can pick this one up in Zara.


Now, who would not be without a denim shirt, the Mint Velvet Ombre shirt is super soft and will look amazing with a pair of white or coloured jeans. Some denim shirts can feel quite hard and therefore make you feel rigid when wearing but you’ll love this one as really gorgeous on the skin.


I wanted to show you a couple of shirts that you may not of come across on your travels, this is the Blue & Red star pussybow available on the Tabitha Webb site.

Tabitha Webb is a luxury British brand which was founded by a designer in 2013. The brand offers timeless, unique designs whiter created with signature fabrics and prints, making British stye accessible and fun.


You may not of heard of Pyrus, the Lizzie pink shirt is available in the Denim wardrobe by Trilogy in John Lewis.

If you get up to Westfield, London then pop into John Lewis and these shirts can be found.

And finally, a bit of floral and bright colours, this shirt is £17.99 and you can pick one up in H & M.

These shirts are amazing value and do come in a range of other colours and prints.


Lisa xx