Savvy shopping in the sales


Well the shops have started their sales and I know only too well how enticing a bargain can be.

Love them or hate them here are my top tips on how to make the best of shopping during sale times.

Typically we get the big sales just before and after Christmas and mid summer, but to be honest we’re never more than a few weeks away from the next store clear-out. Read on and find out how to bag a bargain.

The main function of the sale is to shift the unsold stock to make way for the new seasons items. Herein is your first clue..unsold items.. the reason its in the sale in the first place is because no one has wanted to buy it for the last 10 weeks – there was probably a good reason. Do you really want something that no-one else wanted?

Avoid buying “high fashion” items in the sale. High fashion items are normally only in for one season, so by the time it’s in the sale it’s not hot any more so leave it on the rail.

I would highly recommend before any shopping trip not just for the sales it is advisable to check your wardrobe first and make a list of items that need replacing and items that you are missing that could bring existing items up to date, by doing this you will only buy what you need. This is a great cost effective way to shop.

DO look for your classic items. Jeans, Black trousers, quality knitwear, basic Ts, classic jackets. Sale time is a great time to invest in clothing from shops and brands that you can’t usually afford to buy from. If you work this can be a great time to snap up items in neutral colours such as grey or navy.

DO invest in shoes in the sale. It’s my favourite time to buy shoes – A whole rack or what is left in my size, easy to try on lots of styles without having the assistant running back and forth. Shoes take up a lot of storage in shops so are also normally heavily discounted. Don’t be afraid to buy sandals in winter and boots in summer – bag the bargains and store them until it’s time to wear them.

TOP TIP: Be a savvy internet sale shopper. I often select and try on clothes throughout the season. If they’re out of my price range I wait for them to appear on the shop website and buy it online to avoid the sale queues and disappointment if my size has gone. Subscribe to all the shop websites and they’ll send you email alerts as soon as their sale starts.

The biggest mistake people make when sale shopping is buying what they don’t want or don’t actually need. Please do think ‘ will I wear it’, don’t overlook the price and don’t get carried away. Setting yourself a budget is a great idea as it will keep you focused on your spend

Did you know Thursday is the best day to go to the sales if you want the ‘pick of the bargains’, this tends to be the day the shops start their markdowns

Take Care with terms and conditions. Shops have no obligation to give you a refund or exchange unless an item is faulty, most stores will exchange or refund as a gesture of goodwill but there is often less goodwill at sale time so check the refund policy before you buy.

Finally: A bargain is not a bargain if it’s never worn!

Lots of love