Save our High street

After the heartbreaking news about the House of Fraser closing 31 of its 59 stores it really made me think today about what is happening to our amazing high street and what would we do if we lost it altogether.

I know people lack time in their busy life which is why Online shopping has become so popular but it does come with problems as it is harder to see the actual shape of a garment, know the fabric ( is it going to feel nice on ), when arrives is it really the same colour as in the picture and if it is not quite right how many of us actually return the item or spend more time at a Post Office returning. And more brands are Online to keep their costs down.

I also thought about our older generation who don’t either use or own a computer and use their trip to the high street as a way of meeting and chatting to shop staff or coffee shop owners, this is how some older people keep in contact with the ‘outside world’. The world is certainly changing but let’s not treat this generation as if they don’t exist.

The high street in many instances creates a community spirit and an eclectic mix of chains and independent stores, there really is something to suit everyone and every budget and we need this!

My busy brain then thought ”How important is the Customer service you receive when shopping instore and does it make a difference?’….I have been inundated by comments and it just proves that customer service is so important to retain a loyal customer base, here are just a few;

‘I’I personally love shopping on the high street as opposed to online!

‘I love browsing online to see the New in sections, but I much prefer going in and feeling textures, actual colours and trying things on! There’s nothing more disappointing than ordering something that turns out to be no where near what it looked like online!
I also feel that the high street is where you get inspiration from and feel happy to pick something up you wouldn’t ordinarily, because if it doesn’t look right you can just put it back and don’t have to faff around sending it back!
I think that yes, customer service could do with some improvement’
I ❤️ high street and would not want it to fade out!’

‘Love to shop on the high street as I love to try on before I buy’

‘It’s probably the most important factor for me, with store layout coming a close second. I’m prepared to pay a bit more if it means a great customer experience’

‘Very! With so little time I do most of my shopping online, so I only actually go into store if I need help – so customer service is even more important than ever’

‘Very! If i get bad customer service i will not go back-ever!!!!

‘Very important and it’s what will keep me returning’

‘100% important. Or I walk away. And all too often it’s bad. ‘Yet so undervalued! There’s a direct correlation between customer service and sales! The better the service, the higher the sales! It’s not rocket science ! . And after sales for repeat sales is even more crucial. Creates brand loyalty & a great experience’

Here are my You Tube videos from today relating to this topic;

So, maybe it’s time for the retailers to look at what is so important to their customers. I think the high street needs to invest in its staff to educate them how to interact with customers. People want to buy but they need encouragement & product knowledge.

I think it is also how the high street adapts and atrracts customers before it is too late!

Lots of love

Lisa xx