Robert Owen Undershirts

This is one for the men and in my opinion an item of clothing every man should try,

The Robert Owen undershirt was introduced to me a couple of weeks ago.

The Robert Owen undershirt is made in a bamboo viscose fabric and feels just like silk. The fabric allows the body to keep at a more even temperature, like any advanced technical fabric sweat is absorbed then evaporates with air. Cold air is kept away from the skin.

I was very lucky to be sent a sample for my husband to try……
My husband is a golf mad manager for BMW who likes what he likes!!!
I showed him the product at which he turned his nose up and said he was not going to wear it as not really his thing!
So, on Saturday I went off to our ponies with my twins and he went to golf with his also golf mad friends. He rang 5 hours later to say he was on his way home frozen cold.
When we all got home he was sat in the lounge ( watching golf ) and looking very warm.
To my amazement he said ‘I am so much warmer’, lifted up his jumper to reveal the Classic crew neck undershirt in white….his feedback;
  • The medium fitted like a dream ( size 38-40 chest )
  • So comfortable he didn’t know he was wearing it
  • Warm without being too hot
  • Fits under other garments without creating bulk
So from Saturday onwards I have had to wash and dry the undershirt so he can wear it everyday!!
The undershirts are also available in white, tan, sky blue & midnight blue and come with a crew or deep V neck and come in sizes S, M, L and XL. A super price of between £29.00 and £32.00
Please do pop and have a look at the website, this is a great product for any man.
Lots of love