Please don’t judge me!!!

This is a post today where I hope you wont judge me, I know as a stylist I am expected to look fabulous ALL the time but I have to admit my personality and the fact it was sooooo cold today saw me take refuge in clothes that only make me feel cosy and warm.

I adore Superdry and their hoodies are just my all time favourite item when I need to get my bones warm. They come in so many different colours to suit everyone.

For that fabulous layering effect you cannot fault these long sleeve t.shirts from H & M, they have a little bit of lycra in them so they work to fit snuggy either on their own or under other garments. These ones are great this season, they have buttoned detailing on the sleeves and slashed neck line.

Of course, I completed the look with a pair of Baxter skinnies from Top Shop.


The total of the outfit was £100.00 which may seem alot but all items will and can be worn seperately and will create new looks so cost per wear will decrease rapidly.

Please don’t ask what I wore on my feet!!!!

Have a lovely weekend

lots of love