Pick of the day

My pick of the day today comes from French Connection, I was lucky enough last year to be invited to the press day and fell in love with their SS13 collections.

I saw this Challenger biker jacket yesterday and for me this is a real wardrobe ‘must have’, the leather is soft with an almost waxy feel and the colour I adore is the noctumal which is a charcoal grey blended with a pink tone, beautiful.

The price of this jacket is £115.00


For me, during your casual time you can still look stunning and if you are wanting a relaxed look with a wow factor then I would recommend the Ditton light sweatshirt which does come in an array of colours such as grey/black, black, berry, aqua marine and techno pink.

This sweatshirt has gorgeous chiffon sleeves which adds the femininity to a sporty look.

The price is £47.00

Have a super Easter weekend