Personal Shopping

Our shopping consultation is all about helping you understand how to shop just for you, giving you that extra bit of support and confidence to fill those gaps in your wardrobe and make the most of your favourite items. Remember, because your clothes now mix and match, you won’t need as many – so you buy quality, not quantity.

What we cover

Prior to any shopping we do together I have already been shopping in your preferred location, picked out a selection of garments and planned out the shops we will visit.

Your shopping experience starts with a coffee so we can get to know you more. To enable us to develop and pull you together your capsule wardrobe or your chosen pieces we need to understand your personality and lifestyle, this helps us know the style of clothing we will select for you. We will also be importing lots of my style knowledge onto you so you are more equipped in the future.

A shopping consultation is a planned journey to a particular destination that will take in old favourites and stores you’ve always overlooked before. We can roam the high street, drop into department stores or visit designer outlets – we will shop according to your budget and your schedule. Or if there’s a particular occasion you have in mind – like a wedding or big event – we can look for the perfect outfit to make the perfect impression.

What you get out of it

As well as some fabulous new clothes, our shopping trip will also help:

  • identify the brands and stores that best suit your body shape and budget
  • build your confidence in shopping for yourself, I do this by teaching as we shop!
  • enable you to pick out quality craftsmanship and spot poor work.

The Essentials

I offer 2 hour, half-day and full-day shopping consultations. There’s also a bit of planning to be done before we go.

Fashion Style Fix

This new Skype, Facetime or Phone consultation.

These consultations are ‘quick fixes’ where we can guide you on;

Wardrobe Updates

Shopping for new season items

How to refine your style in easy steps

Follow up from an initial consultation

The consultation is followed up with an email with 5 key points and links to items get you started

30 minutes – £40.00

60 minutes – £80.00

Online Personal shopper experience

This consultation is perfect for clients who want a particular outfit for a special or specific occasion or those that just want new ideas for their wardrobe and who don’t want to or have time to go shopping. The Online Personal Shopper service iswhere you tell me what you want and I go and find it for you.

After filling out our Client profile form and attaching a lovely full length photo of yourself within 2 working days I will send you a choice of outfit options including accessories in a lovely look book with all the details of where you can buy the items, the weblinks and the cost.
You will be able to shop from your sofa knowing that the garments will work for your body shape, personality and lifestyle and have the luxury of those gorgeous items/outfits being delivered to your door.

3 Outfits including Accessories or 5 Outfits including Accessories.


Online Personal shopping using only weblinks

2 Outfits £40.00 or 2 Outfits with Accessories £60.00

4 Outfits £80.00 or 4 Outfits with Accessories £100.00