No hanger appeal!!

In my travels I find a variety of items for my clients and I can honestly say certain items on a hanger do not look anything special but put them on and they just come alive…here are a few I would recommend are a MUST try on.

Nicole Fahri Spray Tweed jersey top £145.00. This top accentuates the shoulders and has a small amount of movement around the tummy area.

Mint Velvet Indigo double front woven tee £59.00. This top is just perfect for those Apple body shapes, it gives a focal point to the waist yet doesn’t cling around the tummy area.

The Warehouse Roll Cuff shift dress at £46.00. Apologies to Warehouse but on the hanger this dress does nothing but put it on and O’h my goodness it is amazing. It gives the body a great shape.

H & M Stretch shirt £12.99. This is the blue striped shirt and looks amazing when on, fits the body shape like a dream and helps to draw the eye upwards due to the collar, shows off the waist because of the fit and just looks beautiful for a work look or casual with jeans.

Salsa, Secret push in jeans £100 but in the sale for £70.00 in the House of Fraser. These jeans are high waisted, create a flatter tummy line and make any top you put with these look amazing. In my opinion one of the best jeans on the market at the moment and for not an ridiculously high price!

lots of love