New year, New you….blah,blah,blah

Happy New year to each and every one of you!

So for the first time this year I have seen the words ‘New Year New You’ and I have to say it makes my blood boil!

I quite like me, I know there are things I can change this year, laugh more, don’t get so stressed, worry less about things that I don’t need to worry about, come out of my bubble I live in, cry less but actually I like me so don’t feel because we have started a new year that I need to be a transform into a different person……anyone else feel the same?

From a style & fashion point of view you may feel like you are in a bit of a rut so why not try the following in January to give yourself a ‘kick up the bottom’;

Remember ‘ Style has no age limit’ so please don’t think that at any age you have to look a certain way because that is so not true.

  • Take a look in the mirror and see what body shape you are, by doing this you can start to dress for your body shape;
  1. Shoulders and hips in line & waist goes in = Hour glass
  2. Hips wider than shoulders & small waist = Pear
  3. Shoulder, hips and waist in line = Rectangle / Slender athletic
  4. Overly large bust = Tope heavy
  5. Carrying weight on the tummy with slender legs, no bottom and great arms = Apple
  • Try a new colour or a print.
  • Start the New year with a bra fitting, getting the scaffolding right will ensure your clothes will sit so much better…Many stores offer complimentary bra fitting.
  • Walk into a shop you don’t normally buy anything in and just browse….you will be pleasantly surprised.I guarantee you there is an item for everyone in all of our high street stores.
  • When you go into a changing room take an item you like but always would have thought ‘it won’t suit me’ and just try
  • Don’t put any pressure on yourself to look a certain way…..dress for you, your personality, body shape and lifestyle

If you do want to start the New year with a new view on your wardrobe spend an hour just going through your wardrobe and with each item if you have not worn it for 3 months then move it out…there must be a reason why you don’t wear it!

Hope this helps

Lisa xx

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