New collections in store

Well, after a small break away with my kids at the National Showjumping championships I am now back in the swing of looking at the new collections in the stores, just look at what I found today in H & M and Top Shop, I was only parked in a 30 minute car park bay so I had to be super quick.

H & M, still rocking the denim, this skirts is no simple yet very effective, suitable for all body shapes, the denim shirt compliments the look so well, the pockets on the bust area works really well for all ladies with a small bust, the collar draws the eye upwards to rebalance the body.

I really liked this very casual look still in H & M, they have a great selection of all coloured bomber jackets and super sweatshirts. Navy and tan compliment each other so well.

I had to pop into M & S for socks ( youngest son will not wear any others!) and at the top of the escalators I saw this great patent loafers, these will be super for the Autumn/Winter, I hope you can see the deep burgandy ones as this colour is very prominent for next season.

Then a quick dash into Top Shop and I saw these super floral embroidered jeans, very femnine but with all the colours in the flowers themselves there are so many different looks these jeans will create.

The sporty look is very popular for the next season, and as you can see we are still seeing the cobalt blues teaming with the tans, reds and whites

I wanted to show you this display as again more denim mixing with the khakis and the camouflage print. This will be a very striking yet very simple look to recreate.

I promise to pop into town again in the next couple of days to bring you more looks from the high street but what you can take away from this blog post for the next season is the following;

Colours – Navy, tan, red, white, khaki & burgandy

Fabric – denim




Lots of love