Mens styling

We all know that today’s men take a lot of pride in their appearance. But be honest, chaps – how much of your clothes sense is guesswork or based on a couple of compliments from female friends
Whether it’s getting workwear with the wow factor, suits that open doors or a weekend wardrobe that is comfortable and confident, my men’s styling service is a relaxed and unfussy way to get the look you’ve always wanted.

What we cover

  • Full colour consultation to identify the colours that suit your skin tone
  • Advice on picking the right clothing styles for your body line and proportions
  • How to get the perfect fit for any item – and when to consider made-to-measure services
  • Putting together an outfit for business or casual wear
  • Tips on wardrobe control, shopping and clothing care
  • Male grooming

What you get out of it

At the end of the consultation, you will have:

  • a clear idea of what colours suit you – and a ‘swatch’ selection of the colours we’ve picked out as a quick reminder
  • an insight into the clothes and cuts that suit your body shape
  • a better understanding of how to combine items to make a great outfit
  • a knowledge of men’s styling issues from turn-ups to tie width and coats to collars.

That means you’re in better shape to shop and can dress with confidence for any situation.

The essentials

I normally offer 2 Hour styling consultations for men – either on your own, or with your partner.