Lovely style interview with Vanessa Gold


Vanessa Gold is the Managing Director of Ann Summers, the UK’s favourite lingerie and sex toy shop.

I was so very lucky and thrilled to catch up with Vanessa to find out more how she balances her work and casual wardrobe.

Do you have a specific work style?

I used to be very formal at work but over time, i’ve adopted a more relaxed smart casual style which I believe reflects both my personality and the personality of our brand.

What is your favourite work item/outfit?

I couldn’t go anywhere without a pair of Laboutins. I think they’ve become my signature wardrobe item.

Work and Play need to be separate to give you time to recharge your batteries, do you prefer to keep a separate wardrobe for each?

In the past I used to have a separate wardrobe for work but I began to see the clothes as more of a uniform rather than my wardrobe. I mixed all my clothes together and I now dress based on how I feel.  It’s also much more fun to mix up your wardrobe and try out new looks.

For your days at home what is your favourite item of clothing?

Ha you’ve caught me out not a Laboutin in sight…. with two springer spaniels I spend most of my home time in my UGG boots in an effort to keep up with the two of them.

Vanessa, you always look chic, do you have a favourite designer?

My favourite designer….. I have so many and you want me to name one? I would have to choose Alexander Macqueen.  I love his sleek sexy style but I also love Milly, Pucci and, and, and ……..

In our amazing high street, do you ever get the chance to wander your favourite high street stores and if so which store is your secret passion?

Shopping is a love of mine and my sister Jacqueline’s and although we don’t get much time to indulge ourselves when we do we will often come home together laden down with bags. The high street offers up so much choice and the department stores such as HOF, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges are amazing.  As far as my secret passion, I really enjoy shopping at Cricket in Liverpool not only are the team there fantastic they offer a great range of clothes, shoes and accessories.

Of the trends this season, will be you embracing one more than another?

I tend to not follow trends and stick to what is right for me, I have never been a slave to fashion but pick key pieces that really add to my wardrobe.

I know you love your relaxing family meals, what would you typically wear?

My family have met up for dinner every week for as long as I can remember and mostly I usually race to them from work…….if I do have time on my side then I would typically don a pair of jeans, t.shirt, jacket and a pair of high heels of course!

What item of clothing could you not live without?

Ah now that’s simple my skinny jeans. I started to wear skinny jeans a year ago and now absolutely love them. Dressed up with high heels for a glam sexy look or more casual with boots – you can’t go wrong.

Shoes, Handbags, Scarves and Jewellery really complete an outfit, which is your guilty pleasure?

At risk of sounding repetitive it has to be shoes………….on my Xmas list I have a line that simply says “shoes please……a girl never has too many”. I live in hope that Father Xmas will pay attention

In Ann Summers both yourself, retail staff and party organisers are representing the brand, do you feel how you and they look is important?

Yes I do think it’s important how we all look but is equally important that we feel confident in how we look.  Dressing in something that makes an individual feel good about themselves and will help with self confidence which in turn is attractive to our customer.

If Vanessa had a magic fairy what would she ask her to help her with regards to style ie; find her a stunning pair of heels, a dress for an event etc

I would love my magic fairy to go shopping with me push the boundaries and take me out of my comfort zone in all areas of my wardrobe.  I know what I know about my style and to have someone encourage me to be a bit more daring or try a slightly different look would be great fun.

What are your top tips for achieving and maintaining your look?

  • A good wardrobe doesn’t have to be expensive, invest well in elements of your wardrobe ie a pair of shoes or a jacket to compliment the lower price items.
  • Don’t wear tired or worn down shoes I am sure it’s one of the first things people look at.
  • Don’t be a slave to fashion, it can work out costly and you might look back and think OMG did I really wear that?
  • Look to top up your wardrobe regularly with a piece here and there rather than a big spend twice a year.
  • Make your wardrobe visible – if you can don’t shut your clothes away in cupboards and drawers bring them out hang them on rails for a few weeks and really see what you have and what you actually do and don’t wear.


  • Cull!!!!  Throw out the items that you haven’t worn for at least six months and make sure that everything hanging in front of you is there for a reason.  Less is definitely more in this case.


I would like to personally thank Vanessa for her honesty and taking the time to let me into her ‘what I wear’ world and I will always think of Vanessa when I see a pair of Laboutins! This lovely insight also shows how with a great balanced wardrobe that works for you, your lifestyle and personality you can enjoy what’s in it, here here I say!

Lots of love