Love your undies!


Image courtesy of Bravissimo, this is a beautiful bra and knickers set by Freya.

I am only too aware that us ladies are leading busy lives and when it comes to washing I hope I am not the only one who throws all my washing into the machine without checking it thoroughly and end up with whites mixed with colours and items that should be more loved than my 30 degree wash!

I wanted to just give you a few tips on how to really take care of your lingerie.

1. Always hand wash bras and knickers

2. Washing in cool water is so much better as hot water can damage delicate fabrics such as lace and the elastic

3. Did you know that if you wash in cool water it will help give the colours strong

4. Underwired bra’s really love to be dried gently not using any artifical heat such as airing cupboards, radiators and tumble dryer.

Hope this helps

lots of love