Let’s not forget our men!


It was pointed out to me this morning that my blog always chats about men so I thought it was about time to give them a few of my expert hints & tips too!

Men are fabulous to dress and their body shape is super to work with.  Men work full time so tend to have a uniform for work ie; suit, trousers & shirt with a blazer ( for office ) or work clothes if tradesmen. But like us ladies they need inspiration for their work & home days, experimenting with new colours and styles is a way a man can really up his game in the style market!

Dressing to enhance your shape

The fact is, when we look in the mirror we only see our worst parts never our good areas.

By dressing your body frame with particular styles of clothing you can accentuate the areas you love and disguise the ones you are not too happy about!

Would you like to look more athletic?

Would you like to look a few inches taller?

Would you like to look a couple of pounds lighter?

By using my tips on how to dress your body shape trust me, you can!

The Tall Man

·       For the tall man it is imperative that every detail is in proportion to his height. The overall effect needs to be well balanced.  Tall men must always wear bold checks and stripes, never narrow stripes, these only get lost in his height.

·       Single breasted jackets with some tailoring are great choices for all builds of the taller man as they look streamlined. Please never wear big or baggy clothes as these do absolutely nothing to compliment the frame of the taller man.  For the trouser the taller man looks fine in turn ups.

The Shorter Man

·       For the short man the priority is to streamline the clothes and create a neat image.

Avoid wider leg trousers as they will drown a short man. Avoid turn ups on trousers as the turn up will only give the appearance of a shorter leg.

Vertical lines on the shorter man are just perfect as they create the illusion of length to the upper body and therefore, make the shorter man appear taller.

·       For the shorter man if the same colour top and bottom is worn this creates the look of continuity and therefore height, perfect! If you wear a light colour on the top and a dark colour on the bottom this creates the look of the body being split in two and will make this man look shorter so please avoid!

The Heavy Man

·       For a heavy man the illusion that needs to be created is that the area does not appear larger than it is. Colour and style is very important to the heavy man.

Vertical lines look fabulous as they create the illusion of height and they slim the body frame. A great dark colour will also help achieve this effect, it does not have to be black, it could be deep purple, aubergine, chocolate brown or even a deep navy blue.

·       For the heavy man I know you struggle with trousers as they need to fit at the waist but you have slim legs. My recommendation would be to alter the leg to flatter the leg width. The perfect fit is so important to create the balanced look. Also having a belt colour matching your trousers creates the sleeker appearance.

The Thinner Man

·       Adding weight to the frame of the thin man by using clothing is perfect. To add substance to the frame of the thin man textured and heavier fabrics add bulk and the horizontal line will be this mans best friend as it creates width to the body frame.

A couple of great garments for the thin man are trousers with pleats ( these add bulk to the waist area ) and the double breasted jacket ( this creates the illusion of width to the upper body as it has a double line of buttons )

·       Trousers for the thin man need to be neither baggy or tight, the straight cut style is brilliant and a turn up will create inches to the legs if legs are long. I would recommend you steer clear of ‘skinny’ trousers as they will only make the legs appear thinner as they accentuate the shape of the legs.

The Athletic Man

The Athletic man is neither short or tall, thin or heavy but of great physical shape due to looking after himself nutritionally and spending time in a gym toning his body shape.

·       For this man style is all about the perfect fit of any garment to show his shape. Make sure the shoulders of any jacket sit perfectly on the shoulders.

·       For a shirt or t.shirt it needs to fit the shoulders and chest then narrow at the waist, this will define the toned upper body. Any garment that is baggy will hide this physique.

·       A tight fitting T.shirt will show off the upper body but in my opinion a look not loved by the majority of women, we still want a little left to the imagination!

With all of my recommendations, these are the clothing tips that will enhance your body shape but your own personal style is built on the foundation of your personality and lifestyle.


Lots of love