Impact of colour

Have you had your ‘colours’ done?, Do you stick to them?

Do you find them restricting when you shop?

Do you leave a shop if you cannot see your ‘colours’?

I am sure I am going to open up a can of worms with this blog post but I have received so many emails and questions from those of you that have had your colours done that I wanted to shed a different light on the subject.

One of my consultations is ‘The Impact of colour’ and it does contain many of the traditional methods of colour analysis but I do firmly believe that everything relating to style has to relate to your personality and lifestyle and that every aspect of style should be easy, so mine does have a more flexible approach.

Basically colour is all about the undertone it runs with and your skin also runs with an undertone, for you to look great the undertones need to match. The undertone is either blue ( Winter and Summer colours ) or yellow ( Autumn or Spring colours ). Colour has no relevance to your eye or hair colour, it is all about your skin.

Some ladies who have their colours done love the fact they have a structured set of colours and this works really well for those individuals but for other ladies it throws them into turmoil as they go from wearing many different colours to being told they can now only wear a specific selection of colours. Which lady are you?

What I want to tell you is please do be flexible with your colours and here are my tips in how you can do this;

1. If you can’t wear black ( blue undertone ) then add in a piece of either gold jewellery or maybe a scarf or jacket with a yellow undertone

2. Use one of your colours as the main colour in either a print or block coloured garment, you can add in a colour that is not yours as your main colour will bring the other colour alive

3. Colour has no relevance on your lower body so don’t worry what you wear colour wise here. Air on the side of caution with a lighter colour as it will make an area appear larger

4. As long as you have one of your colours somewhere near your face then other colours will work too.

I know how difficult it must be to find only the selection of colours that are in your swatch as there are so many colours in our spectrum, so try the below when you try on any garment with colour whether it be in your exisiting wardrobe or in a changing room;

1. Skin tone on face needs to be light, bright and even

2. Skin tone will show no spots or blemishes

3. Defined jawline

4. Defined bridge of the nose

5. No shadowing under the chin

6. No dark shadows under the eyes

7. If your skin appears grey and flat in tone it can make you look older and none of us want that do we?, pop the item back

8. Certain colours will appear to make your head draw into your neck, this will add pounds to your face, pop that item back too.

If you are really struggling with your colours then throw the swatch away and use my tips above to determine if a colour is right for you, remember it’s all about the undertones matching. When these undertones match boy will you know it, your face will come alive and you will walk out the door knowing you both look great and feel great too.

Hope this helps for the New Year.