Holiday packing tips

Does this photo remind you of yourself?

Your summer holiday is coming up fast and it is a very exciting time of the year but also one of the most daunting……you only are allowed 12-20 kilos depending on the airline of weight in your suitcase, how do you get all your clothes in this case, the answer……You Don’t!!

Please don’t stress or worry yourself, follow my tips and you will pack efficiently and effectively;

  • Prior to packing work out what you will be doing on your holiday, days around the pool/on the beach, excursions, evening meals etc. Plan your outfits!
  • Select garments that can be teamed together ie;

Shorts with t.shirts/vest tops/cotton shirt

Skirts with t.shirts/vest tops/ cotton shirts

Dresses – The unsung hero as they are a stand alone garment and need nothing else to look stunning

Linen is a super cool, natural fabric and looks amazing in the sun teamed with colour, fabulous for the warm evenings socialising.

A couple pairs of sandals/casual flip flops – Try and make sure they work with your outfits, popular to belief you do not need a different pair of shoes for each day!

  • When packing, roll each garment, it keeps them crease free and you can fit far more in your suitcase
  • Pack a  few accessories that are of a base neutral colour so they can be worn with the majority of your outfits.
  • Roll your garments as it saves space and reduces creasing.

Enjoy your hols!

lots of love