Flaunt those curves

Ladies, Christmas has now come and gone and I hope like myself you had a lovely time with the children and your family.

I love wandering around our amazing high street to see what new treats they have in store for us…I was not disappointed when I was asked to look for new season pieces for those of you that have lovely curves.

Here is what I found, for 2013 make yourself the resolution to wander into new stores that you may have always avoided and do try new pieces on that you may have previously ignored.

The curvy lady comes as either the Hour glass where the whole aim is to show off this lovely curvy body shape or the Pear where the aim is to rebalance the hip line by drawing attention to the upper body.

The hour glass is already balanced. If you draw an imaginary line at the waist the top half is the same as the bottom half, think of an egg timer. The aim is is to draw attention to the waist as this will define the hour glass’s natural shape.

The Pear is outbalanced as the hips are wider than the shoulders so we play with the upper body to bring the lower body into proportion.

This fabulous black, leather look skater skirt from Top Shop at £38.00 is perfect for both body shapes as it works with the curves of the lower body. Team it with a knit or a simple white shirt for a stunning chic look. You could twist this look with opague tights, plain or patterned and knee high boots, biker boots or a gorgeous platform.

This soft fabric blazer from H & M at £24.99 will add a real wow to any outfit. The jacket is fitted so draws the eye to the waist which for both the hour glass and pear body shape is perfect. From the image you can actually see the waist area being defined…do look for this when choosing your items. A perfect accompliment with the above skirt or the jeans below.

This pretty, feminine print cap sleeve shirt from New Look at £14.99 is a lovely item to add in this season, perfect to go with jeans,cords, jacquard trousers or tailored trousers or a skirt. The cap sleeve is lovely for both body shapes as the capped sleeve draws the eye upwards and outwards helping to balance the body shapes.

I know the bootcut jeans are both hard to find and are not favourites to many of you but for the pear and hour glass body shape they really do help balance your curvy hips. These great navy bootcuts are from Uniqlo and are £29.90. They have added lycra so fit your hips so well without you ending up with a gap at the waist and giving you a builders bum when you sit down!!

Alternatively, if you love your skinnies then wear them with a knee high boot or an ankle/mid calf boot as they create a boot cut all on their own as they bulk out the lower leg.

How gorgeous is this Print pod T.shirt from Oasis, its just perfect to add in as an every day t.shirt to your wardrobe for the new season. It is a base neutral colour so will go with anything, lovely with a print or team it with a deep neutral colour.

As you can see the base of the garment has a soft peplum which is also great for helping to disguise any extra weight carried on the tummy after Christmas and the batwing style sleeve helps to draw attention to the upper body.  The trick with this garment is to wear it so the peplum sits just on the hip bone and allowed to move.

I hope you like my new season pics, would love to know your thoughts.

lots of love