Easy Living School Runway

Last year I entered the School Runway competition for Easy Living magazine, I was thrilled to win October 2012. March’s issue of the magazine which will be hitting our stores on Thursday 30th January, I was lucky to receive an early copy.

The competition was all about seeing what us mums wear on the school run. As many of you know the school playground and school run can be a very scary place, I don’t know why but it just is!

My lovely 8 year old son Thomas took the photo for me one damp day just before we all rushed out of the house to school, I’m so lucky the photo actually included my head!

As a busy mum myself, I love comfort but I also like being the mum who looks a little different at drop off and pick up, this amazing coat from H & M has just been my all time favourite, it’s warm and just makes me smile every time I wear it. I really do believe clothes should make us feel this way.


I’d love to know what you wear for the school run so please do let me know.

Remember to pick up your copy of Easy Living magazine on Thursday, there are some great features.

lots of love