Don’t be pressured by a shop assistant!

It’s Tuesday and thankfully the sun has come out so we are all feeling a little brighter.

I have got the vlogging bug so went off to Windsor today to look at the new collections starting to hit our stores for the new season. We are still seeing an awful lot of sale rails so the shops can be a little messy but once you get to the new collections it is wonderful to see new colours, shapes and styles.

I also secretly wanted to have a look at the boots as of course I needed another pair!!!!

I am very passionate in educating my clients to only buy ‘the perfect fit’ whether it be trousers, skirts, shoes etc so I was horrified today to come across a good few shop assistants ( and I’m not saying they are all the same ) who were more interested in selling than ensuring I had the perfect item for me, for example;

‘if the shoes are too big ,just put an inner sole in them’

‘the top is too big but you’ll get used to it’

‘You can always take the waist in’

I needed a size 3 shoe and the pair that was bought out ‘the shoes are a size bigger but they may come up small’

Ladies please, if the item does not fit you perfectly don’t buy it. These will be the items that sit in your wardrobe or they will be the items you don’t wear as you don’t like how they look on.

Please do not be pressurised into parting with your hard earned money if you don’t feel a million dollars in the item you are trying on. Everything you wear needs to make you both look and feel good, don’t settle for anything less.

Any questions please do drop me a line

lots of love