Different brands, same tones!

Whilst on my travels yesterday as I was taking my photos to show you all it became really apparent that with all the beautiful collections we are, as always seeing the same colours, shapes and designs.

So, I thought I would show you just what I mean.

This is the new super Hobbs collections, beautiful tones of grey, sofy pink and creams mixed with a slightly deeper toned print.

Now, let me show you the new collection from Mint Velvet. What I hope you can see is they are carrying exactly the same tones. If I wasnt telling you the difference between the brands you could well think that my photos were of both Mint Velvet or both Hobbs.

I always say to my clients, each season, each brand will offer exactly the same as the other in relation to shape, colour and design, each brand just twists their collections to suit both their Individual branding and their client base.

When your next shopping do see if you find the similiarities


Lots of love