Day 4 New Collections Mint Velvet

Always popular with so many ladies Mint Velvet has really come into its own as a brand since launching.

The brand is well known for base neutral tones such as blue, grey, khaki and tan, it has been lovely to see them inject pinks and blues this season too.

O’h, how I love the metallic, dazzling looks from this season and they are set to stay here for the next season too.

Under the ‘Velvet’ sign I hope you can see this batwing glitter top, great for ladies that carry any weight around their tummy but please be aware you may need to drop down a size so it doesn’t drown you and  you lose shape.

Wonderful colours such as navy,grey and cream together with a splash of tie dye.

The print shown in in the photo by the mirror is the ‘Sashia’, the print tunic will be super either worn on its own or with a jacket or card…it will just depend on what you prefer.

This little collections all about soft tones that compliment each other, therefore, really simple to develop outfits.


Lots of love

Lisa xx