Day 3, Where am I from?

Did you guess Day 2, it was River Island.

For Day 3, I just had to bring you 3 items that jumped out at me today, they respresent the new trends so well and will certainly be items you will fall in love with.

This beautiful fitted, structured coat is perfect to pop over so many items. Perfect for the hour glass and pear body shape to really show off the waist and works so well to show off these curvy body shapes to their best. The slender/athletic body shape will also love this coat as it gives the body shape the curves it lacks.


Accessories really do complete an outfit and I just loved this cerise pink chain necklace.

O’h and this dress, which has secretly made its way into my wardrobe ( Shhhh, don’t tell my darling hubby ). The beautiful print has so many colours it will just make you smile. Can you see the shape, this is one of those dresses that on a hanger will lack shape but on will create a waist. You can see in this image how the dress automatcially comes in to work with the body shape.


So, where do you think these little beauties can be found?

lots of love