Day 2, Pick of the day

For my Pick of the day for day 2, I just have to show you this great pencil skirt from H & M.

This pencil skirt is £14.99 and will really add fun and structure to your wardrobe for the new season. For those ladies who don’t like the leopard print this skirt also comes in grey.

Pencil skirts work so well for the folliowing body shapes;

Slender Athletic – The fit to create curves to the lower body

Hour Glass – Really accentuate the curves on the lower body ( sexy Jessica Rabbit )

Pear Shape -Works with the curves but you must remember to rebalance the upper body with either a great necklace or scooped neckline.

Apple – As this skirt is high waisted, it will flatten the tummy line, therefore, creating a sleek line.

lots of love