Day 1 – Jeans

When I am thinking of a topic for my blog posts I always want to make sure that I bring you content that is useful and will really help you in your daily life.

So, as the question I am asked on most Personal shopping consultations is ‘Lisa, please help me find a great fitting paid of jeans’ I thought this would be a great topic for the next 5 days.

Day 1 – Jeans, I wanted to focus on the skinny jean as it is so popular and can be found everywhere.

All body shapes can wear the skinny, its just that the Pear and the Hour glass may have to tweak them slightly to ensure they look amazing;

The Pear shape – Hips are wider than shoulders and usually have a narrow waist and struggle with jeans as they need them to fit they hips without being baggy at the waist. A belt pulled tight is not the most flattering!

Always choose a jean with elastane or some form of stretch. To ensure you don’t look bottom heavy wear a wedge for the summer or a knee high boot in the winter to bulk out the lower leg to create a boot cut. This will rebalance the hips.

The Hour glass has the same potential issue as the pair with the jeans needing elastane to ensure fit around the hips and waist simultaneously. A wedge and a knee high boots is also good to balance the hips.

These are my recommendations;

Top Shop Leigh Jean – Mid rise, ankle grazer with 3% elastane

River Island Black Amelie Skinny jeans with 2% elastane

Mint Velvet Luxe finish Seattle Khaki Skinnny high rise jean with 2% elastane

Hudson Mid rise Super skinny with 2% elastane

You can choose the wash you like to suit your personality.

Day 2 will see the Bootcut!

Lots of love