Dating in your 50’s

A few weeks ago I wrote a feature for The Cosmetic Skin Clinic about dating in your 50’s and the clinic has kindly written a piece for my blog.

Dating at any age can be a daunting experience. For those coming back to the scene after the natural hiatus of building a life and career, the prospect can be all the more intimidating. At times like these, it’s often best to look for all the help you can get.

Fortunately, professionals like Lisa are on hand to share their expert knowledge and make those situations as easy as possible.

In a feature titled ‘Experts Share Their Tips on Getting Back into the Dating Game’, Lisa was joined by a host of dating and lifestyle gurus, including renowned dating coach James Preece, and asked to share their expertise on navigating the complexities of finding love in later life.

The article, commissioned by The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, looked into some of the key issues that might confront a women returning to the dating scene, such as: finding space in an already full life; where to go on a first date; using exercise to feel good inside and out; treating yourself to non-surgical anti-wrinkle treatments; and crucially, using clothing to accentuate your best attributes.

For all women ‘Style has no age limit’, the seasonal trends can be used by women of all ages linking with their personality, lifestyle and body shape,” Lisa said.

“Ladies will wear the trends that they feel comfortable wearing so will therefore use brands that complement their signature style.”

When it comes to the first date, Lisa offered up some excellent suggestions to suit scenarios ranging from casually meeting up for coffee to a full-blown night at the theatre.

For general advice, popular fashion trends that older women can pull off well include “leather, suede, velvet and silk mixed together with jersey and elastane for comfort”.

But one style doesn’t always fit everyone. When asked what looks good on an older women and what should be avoided, Lisa explained: “…trends will be worn by women of all ages who will just twist them to suit their own personality, lifestyle and body shape.”

For women with fully rounded lives, there can be challenges not only in finding new love but also in fitting that person into a well regimented life. But with sage advice from renowned experts such as Lisa, the road to new love can be made as smooth as possible. Happy travels!

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