Corporate Styling

Do you & your staff reflect your company’s corporate brand in the best possible way?

Regardless of the size of your organisation, when your business was initially started time and money will have been spent on developing your corporate brand to ensure you have market presence . You will have chosen the right premises and staff to ensure your brand is seen in the forefront of its industry.
Companies these days understand the importance of image when it comes to the strength of a brand, they fully understand that having the right brand will attract new and potential customers, therefore, helping their business grow.
Employees need to not only represent your brand by working with the company’s true values and ethos but in many cases they will be the first point of contact your new business clients meet….this needs to be a positive impression.

We provide customised workshops, presentations and one-to-one training on:

  • Personal Style & Corporate Image
  • Personal Branding & Self packaging
  • Corporate Branding
  • Making the first impression count
  • Personal Grooming
  • Talent Management
  • Women in the Workplace
  • Women in Leadership

Organisations  have chosen to work with us as part of their marketing strategy or learning and development commitments to employees, many organisations have found that by assisting staff when it comes to how they look it has increased productivity and greater employee satisfaction.

You will find that many of your employees may already be using services such as ours to ensure they stay on top in their career, how you look has a major impact on how you feel, it really can boost morale and your career
Knowing how clothes can make you feel  we have developed a Corporate membership package, this is a fabulous package to help boost confidence and self esteem of employees, it has proven to increase productivity, and it will set you worlds apart from your competitors.

This package will cost your business very little in relation to the return on your investment, but passes on a number of benefits, discounts and exclusive services to your employees, to find out more[email protected]