Common mistakes when buying shoes!

There is something about a pair of shoes that draws us women but why, have you ever asked yourself? Women buy shoes for the colour, shape,height, dramatic effect and design and in some cases to either match a singular outfit or without actually thinking what in their wardrobe the shoes will work well with.

When buying shoes remember these 3 rules;

  • For coloured shoes will they work with more than 1 outfit?

  • Comfort is key…..will you be able to wear these shoes for more than 1 hour?

  • Will the shoes have more than 1 purpose i.e.; work and play

What difference can a good pair of shoes make to your appearance/other people’s attitude to you 

Shoes complete an outfit and also show a ladies true personality. A great pair of clean shoes will always get noticed and remembered.

From a grooming prospective a dirty shoes says a lazy attitude and can completely ruin the clothes.

Do you not love shoes because you can’t walk in heels, hate your feet, don’t think high fashion styles suit you?

For any lady who does not have a love affair with shoes I would highly recommend investing in good shoes, follow my rules and you will fall in love all over again;

  • For ladies who can’t walk in heels try wedges as the heel is more balanced

  • A great pedicure is perfect for ladies who are not so keen on their feet…looking at pretty painted toes in the summer will want you wearing open toed or peep toed shoes

  • High fashion shoes are an easy way to inject a modern look to your outfit, all shoes brands will follow the trends,they twist them to suit their customer base….have a look around to find your favourite


lots of love